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       My love for photography goes back to an early age of 11 when I was taught photography in the sixth grade. Tom Butler, a North Carolina artist, who is now known throughout the US for his flag paintings, taught the course and showed me the joy that you can have with a camera. I have been hooked on photography every since.
      After the sixth grade, I studied photography on my own and became the year book photographer in high school. Two teachers there gave me the confidence I needed to pursue photography. Teachers can make an impact on students!  After high school, I attended Randolph Technical College in Asheboro, North Carolina and got a degree in Photography Technology  there.
     I later opened a camera store and ran it until 1997. During that time I served as a member of  the Professional Photographers of North Carolina and the Photo Marketing Association. I also developed products for the photography industry. Today I continue to offer professional photography services, custom websites & logo design, multimedia presentations, photo restorations, digital imaging and graphic design services. For more information on our services, visit: www.VisualSpecialties.com. Also feel free to contact me if I can ever help you with your custom photography or digital imaging needs.
     Even though I have spent over 40 years photographing products, industries & people, one of my favorite things to do is to grab my camera and go out  and photograph the beautiful scenes, wildlife, skies and other things around us. I know there is no way to capture the images as in real life, but I have given it my best shot. I hope you enjoy the images on this website as much as I enjoyed photographing them. Most of the prints shown on this website are available with a mat design to fit an 8 X 10, 11x14 or 16x20 frame or as 16"x24" Gallery Canvas Wraps ready to hang. Other sizes are available upon request. I also have a large number of images that are not on the site. Please contact me if you are looking for a specific subject for wall decor or for your stock needs.
                                                                                  Albert Cardwell

Photo Credits & Accomplishments                   
Author of the book - "Sammy's Farm" - One Year, One Acre, One Photographer

Photos have appeared in:
The Art of Remington Book - (Official Photographer)
Petersen's Photographic Magazine                              
Popular Photography Magazine                                         
Photographer's Forum - Best Of Photography Annual 
Photo Competition U.S.A Magazine              
NC's Our State Magazine
Wildlife in North Carolina Magazine                     
Scale Auto Enthusiast Magazine                    
Fine Scale Modeler Magazine
Sporting Classics Magazine
Outdoor Life Magazine                                  
Knives Digest                                                                  
Rod Action Magazine                                    
Many other corporate and regional magazines, on covers of musical CDs, videos, websites, catalogs, banners, brochures and product packaging.

Other Awards
Prints have been accepted for the Traveling Loan Collection and have been presented several awards through the PPNC (Professional Photographers of North Carolina).
Awarded a US Patent for a specially designed camera strap.

Western Rockingham Chamber of Commerce - Madison, NC - Small Business of the Year 2009 Award.
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